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12-Jul-2017 05:42

For now, though, a few outposts like Olds and Sandy get bragging rights to internet speeds that Toronto and Vancouver are only starting to wake up to — and paying much more for.Statistics, or numerical data that has been collected, organized and interpreted in some way, exist on a wide variety of subjects, including health, weather, crime, population characteristics, labor and employment, to name only a few.Canada's big telecom companies are starting to install the fibre-optic cables needed for ultrafast internet access at individual homes in some of the country's biggest cities.But a few smaller communities are already enjoying among the quickest connections in the country. — population: 2,000 — has blazing fast home internet service at speeds many city dwellers would dream of. — population: 8,500 — home internet is 10 times quicker still, the fastest in the country. — population: 10,000 — a community outside Portland.After the designation "R" for reference, in a college library try looking by call numbers beginning with the letter "H"; in a public library, check in the call numbers beginning in the 300's.You can also search for statistical publications using the Subject Heading Statistics Periodicals or you can add the name of a country at the beginning of the Subject Heading, for example, United States Statistics Periodicals.That's enough to stream numerous ultra HD Netflix movies at once, and many times the bandwidth of a typical home connection in urban Canada.

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It is easier to locate statistical information if you know what agency produced the statistics in which you are interested.

"It's got almost infinite capacity," John Lawford, executive director of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, an Ottawa-based consumer advocacy group, said of so-called "fibre to the home" internet service.

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